September 15, 2005

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Candy Babel Staying Stylish in Salem Salem, Oregon - Have Children? We love them! See Once Upon a Child in Salem url: to get the little critters all snazzed up for any season! More...

Candy Babel Candy, Candy , Candy! Oregon - Have a sweet tooth? You may want to check out Candy Babel URL: satisfy that craving. We think you will agree. You can read more below. More...

Detroit Run The Detroit Run Detroit, Oregon - Early in the morning of Saturday, October 8th, after three days of rain, the horizon is just starting to light up. Clouds are broken but look threatening. Will it be clear and hot or cloudy and cold today? Today, people of all ages from all over the state and beyond, will be coming to Detroit, Oregon even though the lake is low. They are here to recreate, but there will be no boating, fishing or swimming today. These people are here to run through the lake bottom. More...

anatomy photo Chiropractic Services are increasing in popular in the Salem Area. Salem, Oregon - While Chiropractic may or may not be for everyone, Dr. Patrick Owen is helping with his healing ministry at Healthy Back Chiropractic (url: we also found this great article about the science of chiropractic as well. More...

The largest waves are generally not seen at the surface Oregon State University Scientists Identify, Track Huge "Internal" Waves CORVALLIS, Oregon - Waves the height of a 10-story building regularly propagate into the north Pacific from the mouth of the Columbia River, but you won't find big-wave surfers riding them. These waves propagate beneath the ocean surface, carrying near-surface organisms and chemicals halfway to the ocean floor.   More...

State Capitol in Salem, Oregon Big Changes At Oregon's DMV At Least 2 Tears Away Salem, Oregon - Oregonians can expect big changes in the future in how they get driver licenses and identity cards under both federal and state legislation passed in 2005. But those changes won't begin to take effect for at least two years.  More...

US Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon Oregon's US Rep DeFazio Returns From Sobering Trip To New Orleans WASHINGTON, DC¿ U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Springfield), back today from his trip to New Orleans with Darlene Hooley (D-West Linn) and Major General Raymond Rees of the Oregon National Guard (ONG) called the visit sobering. Early Tuesday morning, the group flew from the Portland Air National Guard Base to Louisiana. Tuesday afternoon, the delegation was escorted by Brigadier General Douglas Pritt, Colonel Dave Enyart, and Major Arnold Strong on a roughly three hour tour through the sections of New Orleans that the Oregon National Guard is responsible for patrolling and protecting.   More...

Oregon State Rep Thomas Butler Butler, Ferrioli Swat Black Fly Epidemic In Eastern Oregon Ontario, Oregon - In an effort to take a bite out of the summertime black fly epidemic gripping Eastern Oregon, Representative Tom Butler (R-Ontario) will deliver a check Wednesday to Malheur Country officials to help address the problem. The money is the result of work by Butler and Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) to give the area back to its residents.  More...

Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 16 Students From Gulf Region Schools Enroll At Oregon State University CORVALLIS, Oregon - Sixteen students who were planning to attend colleges and universities in the Gulf Coast region ravaged by Hurricane Katrina enrolled for fall term at Oregon State University in the first four days the institution accepted applications. Among the 16, seven are freshmen, seven are transfers, one is a post-baccalaureate student and one is a graduate student.   More...

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  First Wine Bar On Central Coast Opens Up
Blu Cork Wine Bar is the name of the Central Coast's first real wine bar - and it's stunning.  More...
  Newport Microbrew Festival Brings "Suds & Surf" The second weekend of October sees Newport's population swell to several thousand more with the 2005 Newport Microbrew Festival.  More...
Bella Beach, near Depoe Bay   The "Other Summer" Comes to Oregon Coast It's probably the largest story on Oregon's Coast, with warmer temps and other surprises filling what's called "Second Summer."  More...
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Oregon's 2005 BendFilm Festival Opening Night Film Sept 22 Bend, Oregon - Welcoming Party, "BendFilm Feed" presented by Pronghorn Eat, drink and celebrate the opening of the BendFilm Festival with festival filmmakers, participants and attendees. Minnesota is shut down for the evening - the street setting creates one of the most fun and eclectic parties on earth. Peter Stampfel of the Holy Modal Rounders will be here to answer questions and play a set after the documentary Bound to Lose screens at 6:05 PM at the Midtown Ballroom on Friday, September 23rd.  More...

Fish Woman, Itaglio and drypoint etching, Lillian Pitt Oregon Historical Society Presents Building On The Frames of My Ancestors-Artwork By Lillian Pitt Portland, Oregon - Lillian Pitt is an accomplished artist who has been exhibiting her contemporary sculpture, carvings, masks and works on paper for more than twenty years. The exhibit "Building on the Frames of my Ancestors" runs at the Oregon Historical Society Collins Gallery from September 15 to March 26, 2006.  More...

Oregon Zoo Director Tony Vecchio Oregon Zoo's Dine & Discover Kicks Off Its Tasty Season September 27 Portland, Oregon - There are certain conversation topics that are deemed suitable at the dinner table; the topic of rodents wouldn't even be nominated for the list. That isn't stopping Oregon Zoo Director Tony Vecchio, however, who will share his rat expertise with dinner guests at the zoo's first Dine & Discover event of the season. The 2005-2006 series, which is presented by The Boeing Company, kicks off Tuesday, September 27, and promises to satisfy both inquiring minds and growling stomachs.  More...

Portland Art Museum's North Building Travel Oregon: Portland Art Museum North Building Opens Soon Portland, Oregon - With less than a month until the opening celebrations for the North Building Project, time is running out to make your gift and be invited to the Grand Opening events at the Portland Art Museum. Join organizers for an exclusive evening with Pink Martini - by making a gift of $1,000 or more. Call 503-276-4365 or donate online. Read on for other exciting events upcoming at the Portland Art Museum.  More...

Above Seaside with Seaside helicopters "Second Summer" Arrives On The Oregon Coast Seaside, Oregon - It's likely the biggest news story about the Oregon coast, yet it's one of the area's biggest secrets: Fall is just the beginning of some really warm weather and the most inviting of all the seasons on the beach.  More...

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Online Publishing Is The Power Of Your Press Publish Your Own Articles & Photographs In 300+ Online Oregon Community Newspapers Oregon, USA - This is a quick and easy way to publish stories about your community, schools, church, local athletics, and many other subjects that interest you. There's no cost or obligation. Sign-up and become a Citizen Journalist now.  More...

Nukes Can Deter Terrorism, Too. Register Guard Editorialist Shoots Off His Nuclear Mouth Again - Because He Has One Eugene, Oregon - Today's editorial in Eugene's stridently Anti-Bush newspaper expresses fear of the specter of pre-emptive nuclear mushroom clouds rising all over the Muslim world as his view of America's strategy to stop terrorism. Whoever this wild-penned author is, I challenge him to show his stupid face publicly and I demand that he offer America's military planners a full and complete apology.  More...

Dennis M. Becklin - Publisher - Oregon News Online Kitzhaber's Dream For A High Tech Oregon Economy Is Sliding Toward Fiscal Crisis Salem, Oregon - Oregon is on the cusp of an economic crisis. Dr. Nonsense, John Kitzhaber, former governor of Oregon, facilitated the destruction of Oregon's timber industry in the name of environmentalism, and he bet Oregon's economic future on the growth of the high tech industry. Oregon lost 30,000 high wage jobs in the timber industry and is now facing the loss of high tech computer chip manufacturers. Kitzhaber - 1, Oregon - 0.  More...

Dennis M. Becklin - Publisher - OregonNewsOnline Oregon's Unemployment Reports Are Politically Biased - Heads Should Roll In Salem The farcical reporting of Oregon's unemployment statistics by the Oregon Employment Department is approaching Saturday Night Live proportions. For the past four months, months that should have shown that Oregon's employment opportunities mirrored declining unemployment occurring in the rest of the nation, Oregon's unemployment rate has been increasing.  More...

The Latest Generation Of Anti-War Appeasers Cindy Sheehan And Other Appeasement Advocates Should Be Shunned Medford, Oregon - In his latest anti-Bush rant, the editor of the Medford, Oregon, Mail Tribune newspaper supports the demands of anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan to again speak with President Bush. This is complete heresy in a world plagued by terrorism and hate-America fueled attacks on democracy.  More...

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